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My Sports Teams

3 Responses to “My Sports Teams”

  1. Lesley said

    I never noticed it before until just now. You enjoy college athletics and yet don’t have a favourite team for pro basketball. I’m not big into watching or following sports but my basketball team is Phoenix Suns but I much prefer watching Premier League Football of which I’m a HUGE Manchester United (Man U/Utd) fan. Apart from Man U, I love watching World Cup and hope that my Argentina team will one day beat Germany to reach the semi’s. It’s always bittersweet watching them as Argentina is my #1 team and Germany is my #4 team.


    • Well, I used to have a favorite pro basketball team: the Phoenix Suns!!! 🙂 (See why you like me?) I got into them when I lived in Phoenix. They had KJ back then, and Charles Barkley had just come over from Philly. They were good and fun to watch. I actually have some cool memories about those times. For instance, did you know most of the team members used to regularly go to Houston’s on Camelback? Well, guess where I went quite often myself? 😉 Also, I met Kurt Rambis when he played there, going into a Mrs. Field’s cookie store on 32nd and Camelback. ALSO, my former in-laws belonged to the Phoenix Country Club and I used to eat beside the former Suns owner, Jerry Colangelo, frequently and even had a Christmas dinner with him and some others one year! Neat, huh?

      (I also grew up a hardcore pro baseball fan, living for the Pittsburgh Pirates, going to ballgames at Three Rivers Stadium constantly growing up. Willie Stargell, Dave Parker, John Candelaria, Kent Tekulve, Omar Moreno, and even later, Tony Pena and finally one of the best outfields ever assembled — Andy Van Slyke, Bobby Bonilla and Barry Bonds! I loved all of these players, and so many others. I was very upset when management decided to dump that amazing outfield for financial reasons, and even more upset at what became a very transparent strategy that exists to this day: intentionally dumping their best and most promising players mid-season annually to intentionally lose games and yet still make a profit. At least 17 straight losing seasons with no plans to change this publicly unacknowledged, yet well known strategy of theirs. They destroyed a once proud franchise and betrayed a city and loyal following and I’ve never forgotten or forgiven and I dumped MLB some time ago, and I couldn’t name a single player today and I couldn’t care less.)

      As for Manchester United, I once had an actual, honest to goodness, authentic (former) player’s jersey, gotten for me by my ex-wife over in England and given to me as a huge prize/gift. Sadly, I didn’t follow the game then, so I can’t even tell you which player wore it, nor did I understand the significance of that gift. I no longer have that jersey. Pity.

      I will start rooting for Argentina, just because I like and respect you. This is actually going to be hard for me, and a huge sacrifice, as I can barely stand Maradona. 😛

      Nice conversation. Thanks!


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