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6 Responses to “Places I’ve Lived”

  1. Dee said

    Ah, the pleasures of living in beautiful Knoxvegas! Shall I scan in some old photos from our preppy days, so the world can see the REAL Scott, with the suspenders and bow ties?!?


  2. Lesley Lau said

    Wow… of all those places I’ve only been to Phoenix, AZ.


    • Interesting. What part of the world/country have you found yourself in for the most part? Just curious…. (Thanks for stopping by!) 🙂


      • Lesley said

        Good question… I’m originally from the caribbean but I’ve lived in Waco, Texas, Fort Campbell, on the Kentucky/Tennessee border, Fort Huachuca, Arizona, Germany and now Savannah, Georgia. To answer your question, bouncing back and forth it seems.


    • Hey Lesley — very cool! I knew about the Caribbean, but didn’t know the rest until Arizona, which is when I first “met” you online. You and Connie were both over there, and as I had lived in Phoenix for awhile, we had that in common. I also then remember when you went over to Germany, and then later when returned and move down to Savannah. Do you like Savannah as much as I predicted you would???


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